Frequently Asked Questions

What is the eBosser?
The eBosser is a fully automatic embossing and die cutting machine that handles up to letter and A4 size materials. It is electric for fast and easy operation.

How much does it cost?
The eBosser has an MSRP of $229.99 and includes the US AC power adapter, 3 base platforms, (1) magnetic shim, (1) cutting/embossing platform , (1) rubber embossing mat and a user manual.

What accessories can I purchase for the eBosser?
Craftwell offers a full line of embossing folders for letter and A4 size materials. Folders are available for multiple occasions in either greeting card or full page pattern format. Other accessories include a rubber embossing mat and plastic shim.

Why is my Platform A scratched?
The Platform A may arrive with minor scratches or smudges that occur during the manufacturing, shipping, or packaging process.  This is normal and will not effect the performance or life of the platform.  Platform A is designed to be used with cutting dies, allowing the blade to cut against the surface of Platform A.  As a result, indentation will appear on Platform A when used in this manner.  This is normal.  To prolong the life of the Platform A, please flip and rotate for each use to ensure all sides are receiving equal treatment.  Platform A is an accessory that will require replacement after repetitive use with cutting dies.

Will the eBosser work in other countries?
Yes. The eBosser includes a 100v-240v two prong US power adapter. International Craftwell distributors will sell machines with country specific plugs.

Will the eBosser available in other countries be the same model as the one sold in the US?
Yes, there is only one model of the eBosser. It will be available in a bundle package for international customers which will include the euro power adapter, (1) cutting/embossing platform, (1) shim, (3) base platforms, a user manual, (1) rubber embossing mat, and (1) A4 size embossing folder (not offered in the US). The rubber embossing mat is available for purchase separately in the USA.

When will the eBosser be available for purchase?
The eBosser is currently available for purchase.  Please contact your local retailer for ordering information.

What type of materials can I emboss or cut?
You can emboss and die cut anything from paper (standard, flocked, glitter, magnet, adhesive backed), card stock, vellum, vinyl, organza, grunge paper, grunge board, wood veneers, balsa wood, chipboard, Fun Foam, leather, metal, fabrics, sugar sheets, and more!

What size materials can I use?
The eBosser can handle up to letter (8.5” x 11”) or A4 (210mm x 297mm) size material.  Optional Extended Adapter Platforms are available for use with the eBosser.  The Extended Adapter Platforms include Platform A (8.5" x 24") and Platform D (8.5" x 24") for use with Accuquilt strip cutting dies.

Will you offer replacement platforms?
Yes, the replacement cutting/embossing platform is available as a separate purchase. Complete platform sets will also be available.

Who can use the eBosser?
The eBosser is perfect for home, school, or professional office use. The auto safety sensors in the eBosser make it ideal for all ages however we recommend that children not operate the eBosser without adult supervision.

Can I emboss or cut more than one sheet of paper at a time?
Yes. This will depend on the type of embossing folder or cutting die used. For example, the eBosser can cut up to 8 layers of fabric at a time using certain dies.

Do you offer custom embossing folders or cutting dies?
No, at this time we do not offer custom embossing folders or cutting dies.

Is the eBosser compatible with other embossing folders or chemical etch dies?
Yes, the eBosser can be used with Craftwell embossing folders, and products from Sizzix, Spellbinders, Cuttlebug, AccuCut, AccuQuilt, Ellison, QuicKutz, Lifestyle Crafts, Fiskars, and more!

Where can I get it?
Check with your local craft store and if they don’t carry it, have them contact us.

What kind of warranty is offered?
Click here to view our Warranty Policy.

What is your Angel Policy?
Click here to view our Angel Policy.

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