Tips and Tricks

Please read the user manual thoroughly before using the eBosser Automatic Embossing and Cutting System as the eBosser is compatible with most embossing folders and dies.

Platforms should be stacked neatly one on top of the other with flush edges.

Do not feed platforms into the eBosser on an angle.

When using the shim, position between the base platforms. Using the shim on the top or bottom of the platform combination will result in the shim jamming the rollers and damaging your eBosser. This will void your warranty.

In order to emboss using cutting/embossing dies, place the material between the cutting die and embossing mat (sold separately).

Use both sides of the cutting/embossing platform to lessen warping.  Optional: If using both Platform D & C, you may place Platform D on the bottom of the combination and Platform C on the top of the combination to prevent warping.

Optional: To prevent shifting during cutting, tape the die to the material. This is also helpful when targeting a specific area of the material being cut or embossed.

Do not force the platform combination into the machine.

Do not remove platforms until motor has stopped running.

Once the motor has stopped running, remove platforms from the back of the eBosser.

Platform Chart