Tips & Tricks


-Attaching the Marker Adapters

-Is your eBrush not spraying?

-Having trouble with Sharpie Fine Point markers?

-Having trouble with Spectrum Noir (hexagon style) markers?

-Installing & Attaching the Battery

eBrush Tips

- Marker output may vary due to usage, marker tip condition and the amount of ink remaining. It is best to use a new marker or refill marker before use. Check the marker tip for clogs.

- Select the appropriate pressure setting to get optimal output. Different marker brands may require different air pressure settings for optimal airbrush effect.

- Depending on the marker brand & individual marker life, airbrushing effects will vary. Test the marker on a scrap sheet before starting projects.

- Ensure markers are inserted properly in the marker adapter. Depending on the condition of the marker cylinder, slight manual adjustments may be needed. The marker tip should be partially positioned in front of the eBrush nozzle, but not completely blocking the nozzle, allowing air to flow through the marker tip.

- If using a chisel tip marker, adjust the marker chisel tip to be parallel to the eBrush nozzle.

- Ensure the marker adapter is properly fastened in the correct position. Do not use excessive force to lock the adapter into position. Remove and try again.

- To create broad strokes with the eBrush, have the air pressure on a lower setting and spray a few inches away from the surface.

- For thinner strokes, have the air pressure on a higher setting and spray closer to the surface.

- To create a dagger stroke (broad to thin), position the eBrush a few inches away from your surface and move the eBrush closer as you create a line.

- For blending colors with the eBrush, use to a lower air pressure setting to create a finer spray then overlap two or more colors.

- It is recommended that the chisel tip or largest nib of marker brands be used for the eBrush.

- Ink from markers may splatter back onto the eBrush. Use a soft cloth lightly damped with a cleaning solution to wipe off any ink.

- Always fully charge your eBrush battery before use.

- Do not leave your eBrush compressor running more than 15 minutes when not in use.

- It is normal for the eBrush air compressor to get hot during extended use.

- During use, the air compressor may automatically cycle the air pressure and you may hear the motor periodically turn on and off.

- When the eBrush trigger is released, air pressure will build up in the hose. Push down on the trigger to release built-up air.